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Access Control Systems

Make your building more secure

Access control is a method of restricting access to areas of a building or information.

Access control is an alternative to using lock and key systems. It allows users to gain access via keyfob, swipe card, keypad, automatic timed access or via a security room.

The benefits for using access control include:

  • No need to change locks onsite when users no longer need keys to access buildings/areas.
  • If a user loses access to their card or leaves a workplace then credentials can easily be updated to reflect changes.
  • Denying entry to unauthorised visitors.
  • Minimising theft and trespassing.
  • Allowing companies to have full control of what information/areas their employees can access
  • Having a record of when and who has gained access to information/area.

Contact us to find out how an access control system can make your building more secure. We can advise about the right system to meet your needs.