Close up of a security camera mounted on the corner of a roof

Alarm and Intruder Detection Systems

Onsite security for your home or business that gives you peace of mind

An alarm and intruder detection system installed in your home or business greatly improves onsite security. Alarm systems have onsite siren and strobe functions to deter intruders and can also be setup to report to a monitoring centre or notify the home/business owner via mobile phone app.

These systems have multiple forms of Intruder Detection, from Passive Infrared Sensors (PIRs) that detect movement, to Reed Switches installed on doors and windows that alarm when either door or windows are opened.

For the perimeter of your property or building we can install PE Beams that create a point-to-point barrier that will alarm as soon as the barrier is penetrated or crossed.

Quality alarm systems:

  • Greatly increase site security
  • Increase peace of mind
  • Can be operated via code, swipe card, remote or mobile app
  • Can report all alarms directly to a monitoring centre or the home-owner
  • Are simple and easy to use
  • Are tailored to specifically match the end users requirements.

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